Hotel L'Era De Can Burges
Public Work

L'Era De Can Burges, outside of Girona,Spain

Material: chairs, lamps, dishes, beds, framed artworks
variable dimesions

in collaboration with AKAY

A massive 9 bedroom country house hotel, 14 km outside of Girona is turned inside-out over the course of a week. Brad and Akay in the very practical way they work, focused their attention on the ostentatious surroundings they found themselves in. This house had allot of material to work with. An entire football field was covered with fabric, they carried out 168 chairs, 23 beds, and emptied the house of all its lights and art. The cook shrieked to find all of the cookware and cutlery floating in the full sized swimming pool, clinking melodically on the calm surface, when she came that evening to prepare the 10pm dinner for the thirty hotel guests.