Occupy the Internet


This is how it works:
Type URL into form above or add it directly in the URL bar.
Example: fffff.at/occupy/goldmansachs.com

Take a screenshot, upload it somewhere, and put it to our comments!
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Occupy the Internet doesn't matter b) the idea of "occupying" the internet is inherently farcical and should be taken as jest and c) that co-opting this "democratic" platform as an artistic gesture reveals part of the nature of social movements in the postmodern world (that is to say, that they are all subject to opportunistic appropriation). Also, even if the project had started as a sincere statement in support of OWS, it would be a pretty poor one in terms of effect and affect. Webmasters, who own the only kind of real estate that most people in the 99% could afford, opt to occupy their own pages with other people's gifs. The equivalency drawn between the sprite-protestors and the real protestors can only really be seen as derisive towards the latter, and the self selection of sites for occupation is far more akin to the opportunistic use of OWS's popularity for personal profit than it is to the actual occupation of the financial industry's property.

Erik Peterson