7 Days
Public Work

Stavanger, Norway

Seven A4 glossy photographic prints, Seven A4 documents, pencil

Commissioned by Nuart

Each of the seven days has been assigned with a specific task to be performed in the public space. The performance can be re-staged in any costal city or town.

Day 1 “Nourishment Day” (Eating unfinished food in the public space)
On day 1 Brad Downey will ensure his continued existence by subsisting exclusively on the abandoned victuals of others.

Day 2 “Melancholy Day” (Climbing a tree in the public space)
Brad will inhabit a tree to await the possible scenario of a kitten in distress, whereupon he will seize the opportunity to become the hero of the hour by his valiant rescue. Should cat not comply, boredom prevails and brad exits tree.

Day 3 “Detox Day” (Only drinking all day and Peeing in the public space)
Today Downey tries to purge his body of all the foul shit that makes his body so foul. What foulness now does he put into his body?

Day 4 “I Exist Day” (Writing name in public space)
Downey is basically pissing all over Stavanger. And perhaps posing the question, is it possible to stay your perfect age all your life? Can I remain the way I am. Yo la tengo! I can!

Day 5 “Bath Day” (Swimming in the public space)
Downey will attempt to swim across Stavanger via any body of public water he comes across until he reaches the north sea, perhaps England beckons. More realistically, Brads bloated putrefying corpse is carried by the Atlantic currents back up the east river to Brooklyn. More more realistically, boredom prevails and he towels himself off.

Day 6 “Provocation Day” (carry a crowbar in the public space)
Downey walks the streets of Stavanger provocatively. When someone (a policeman?) axes him what he is doing he drops crowbar, then runs.

Day 7 “Spiritual Sunday“ (Feeding Pigeons and Rats in the Public Space)
On this fine Sunday morning Brad Downey communes with the beasts and fowl along the Stavanger, in an effort to give something back.