Long Weight
Public Work

Ashford International, England

Made for the Tour de France, public art exhibition

Material: metal pole, pelican crossing

A highways engineer from ashford said, “We as highway engineers have a hard enough time in our daily lives without bringing ridicule upon ourselves which is exactly what the attached demonstrates. The public will only reiterate the opinion they already have of us that we do not know what we are doing and when we do we don't do it that well. How can this be construed in any other way but a ridiculous mistake. 
It is not even an interpretation of a highway feature which would give it a clear identity as it is the actual thing and looks nothing other than official and wrong. I am very conscious that this is really nothing to do with me but would appeal for some sense to prevail and have them removed”.

Keith Ferrin, Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways 
and Waste has ordered the removal of Long Weight and has instructed that it cannot be placed on any highway in Kent.
The sculpture was installed by Kent County Council, Ringway and Jacobs engineering to ensure that the work was compliant with all current safety regulations. This subtle and humorous sculpture has been funded by an Arts Council England and SEEDA Arts Plus award. Brad Downey has been selected by Saatchi & Saatchi to represent today’s most talented emerging visual artists and has a Thames and Hudson book coming out later in the year. Should a Cabinet Member for Waste define culture in Ashford? 

Have your say, please email: keith.ferrin@kent.gov.uk and michael@michaelpinsky.com