Central Space

Central Space Gallery, London, UK

In collaboration with Tahu Deans

We were invited to create an exhibition for a gallery space near Hammersmith Station in London. The Gallery needed the exhibition to be completed in just a few days. We were offered no budget or materials, but were granted full access to everything in or around the gallery. We used everything; all items from the office and garden to include: water hose with spool, tool shed, roll of plastic, wheel barrow, roll of paper, step ladder, extendable ladder, bench, green trash bags, hand saws, push brooms, duct tape in three colors, packing tape, electrical tape in various colors, wooden box, rakes, stackable chairs, desk chair, plate, palm trees, twine, watering can, pink paint, hand truck, cactus, pine tree, fishing wire, pick axe, circular table, shovel, hammer, and a big plastic suitcase. After the opening party we packed as much of the exhibition as possible into the suitcase, took it to “The River Thames” and threw it in.